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AFGE Local 1206
Regular Monthly Meetings are Held Every Third Tuesday - at 4:30 PM at the Sites by V-TEL



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Top three officers all re-elected during union?s 40th National Convention

American Federation of Government Employees Re-Elects National Officers

ORLANDO ? Delegates attending the American Federation of Government Employees? 40th National Convention here have re-elected the union?s top three national officers. National President J. David Cox Sr., National Secretary-Treasurer Eugene Hudson Jr., and National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices Augusta Y. Thomas all were returned to office for another three-year term. Cox and Hudson were first elected in 2012, while Thomas was first elected in 2009.

?I am honored and humbled by the faith AFGE members have placed in me to continue the work I began three years ago, leading the nation?s largest union for federal and D.C. government employees,? Cox said. ?Our membership has grown year over year for the past 24 years, and we are going to keep growing so we are big enough and strong enough to build the future that our dedicated members deserve.?

Cox won the top office with 63 percent of the votes. Dana Duggins, executive vice president of the National Council of SSA Field Operations Locals Council 220, received 21 percent of the vote. Alex Bastani, president of AFGE Local 12, received 11 percent. David Owens, retired chairman of AFGE?s Air Force Caucus, received 5 percent.

In the race for National Secretary-Treasurer, Eugene Hudson ran unopposed and was re-elected by acclamation.
Augusta Thomas was re-elected as National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices with 75 percent of the vote. Jacob Baker, main unit vice president of AFGE Local 1770, received 25 percent of the vote.

More than 1,500 delegates are attending the convention, which will conclude on Friday.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union, representing 670,000 workers in the federal government and the government of the District of Columbia. For the latest AFGE news and information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



Eugene Hudson Jr. elected Secretary-Treasurer; Augusta Thomas reelected NVP, Women's and Fair Practices

LAS VEGAS - J. David Cox today was elected national president of the American Federation of Government Employees during the union´s 39th National Convention in Las Vegas.

Eugene Hudson Jr. was elected National-Secretary Treasurer, while Augusta Thomas was reelected National Vice President for Women´s and Fair Practices.

The national officers will be sworn in Thursday morning.

Cox rises to the union´s top position after serving two consecutive terms as AFGE´s National Secretary-Treasurer, where he helped the union add more than 52,000 new members and expand the size and scope of AFGE´s political action committee and its legislative action fund.

Cox said he would work on strengthening the union by embracing the union´s diverse membership and building consensus among members.

"The strength of unity is the only way we are going to fight back against the anti-government and anti-union forces that want to dismantle the vital programs and services federal employees provide each and every day to millions of Americans," Cox said. "I am honored and humbled that AFGE´s members chose me to lead this fight."

Hudson has served as National Vice President for the 12th District since 1999. The 12th District represents nearly 33,000 members across 100 AFGE Locals in Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada.

Thomas was first elected National Vice President for Women´s and Fair Practices in August 2009. Previously she was Fair Practices coordinator for AFGE´s 6th District, which represents employees in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.






Employees want real change away from the confrontational, anti-union labor relations approach that has been practiced by the managers and labor relations officials over the past several years. The success of any government reform effort depends on pressure not only from the top officials pushing their ideas down, but from the frontline workers, through their elected representatives, having meaningful input into how the people's work can best be done.


    November 2012


    The Veterans Affairs Department violated its own policies when the human resources department denied an employee a promotion that had already been approved by her director, an arbitrator has ruled.

    The case involves a Hybrid Title 38 Social Worker who learned in 2011 that she had been denied a promotion to GS-12 back in 2009 after the promotion had been approved by the Professional Standards Board and her director. Despite the approval, a classification specialist in the HR department summarily rejected the promotion on the basis that the Social Worker was doing GS-11 work and didn’t warrant the grade increase.

    AFGE Local 1206 filed a grievance on the member’s behalf, alleging that the VA had violated its own handbook and policies, and AFGE Legal Rights Attorney Michael Pazder represented the case at arbitration. The VA Handbook says a director’s decision on a promotion following Board action is final, so HR did not have the right to reverse the decision since it was never brought back to the Board or the director for reconsideration. VA policy also makes clear that Hybrid Title 38 employees can be promoted beyond the full performance level of their position based on their qualifications and experience if so determined by the Board, as was the case here.

    The agency refused to correct this when notified, claiming the Board had erred in approving the promotion and that processing an allegedly unwarranted promotion would “unjustly enrich” the employee. Testimony at the hearing revealed that HR personnel, and the director who now said his decision was incorrect even though he never formally reversed it, have an astonishing lack of knowledge of VA policies and how promotions are supposed to work for Hybrid Title 38 employees vs. Title 5 employees.

    The employee will be retroactively promoted with back pay, including any subsequent step increases she would have received had the promotion been implemented at the time.


"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything"- Alexander Hamilton


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Take a moment in the near future to see if your area has a Union bulletin board. Article 48, section 5 of the Master agreement states:

"At each facility, the union will be provided space on bulletin boards in areas normally used for communicating to employees".

If there is no union bulletin board, please contact your local steward or president. Or better yet, volunteer to help develop and maintain your bulletin board! It can be as simple as posting a notice of the date of the next local union meeting, or perhaps a pertinent excerpt of the master agreement.

Get involved! Start your local union bulletin board and help get your local 1206 back on the map!

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